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Keep it Simple Wonderful App providing accurate biofeedback data. A great way to practice and to measure the results of daily meditation. Never been able to afford a biofeedback device. Now I have one for just a small fee on my phone. Happy Days!

Grant B 

Complete biofeedback based stress release app The app guides your breathing to a target rate while monitoring your heart rate and measuring HRV. Along with the visual display of heart rate, the information is summarised as a "score" which gives you a measure of progress toward a daily target of "stress release points" (my term, not the developer’s). So you get breath based guided meditation, biofeedback and a measure that contributes toward a daily target, using the device's camera, no external sensors needed. The update to version 1.2 fixed the minor issues I had with 1.1 and I now have nothing to fault. I can’t find anything else that does so much in one package.  Craig Massey

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