Welcome to Stress Releaser a first HRV biofeedback meditation APP in IOS Apple Store, and Android Google Play, It will guide you through for calm and relaxing meditation with a biofeedback point system.

Why Meditation?

12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation. Reduces Stress, Controls Anxiety, Promotes Emotional Health, Enhances Self-Awareness, Lengthens Attention Span, May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss, Can Generate Kindness, May Help Fight Addictions, Improves Sleep, Helps Control Pain, Can Decrease Blood Pressure, You Can Meditate Anywhere


Why Biofeedback?

Biofeedback will evaluate effectiveness of your meditation. It also provide guiding ring tone to guid your meditation. The point system is reflection of your coherence in meditation.


User Manual

There are two ways to measure your HRV. One is through your back camera and other is using Oximeter device you needs to buy from Amazon.com.


The application is using your back camera to measure your heart rate. All data are kept in your phone and nothing upload to internet anywhere.


Stress Releaser support email address: meditationstressreleaser@gmail.com