How It Works

1) First time users should go through 15 minutes training session to find the most comfortable breathe pace. Cover your back camera lens with your finger completely. You don’t have to cover your LED but should make sure the light is strong enough to help camera to read your pulse. The accurate HRV is based upon your heart rate detection. You should know your normal heart rate and make sure your finger is in right position.
2) After you know the most comfortable breathe pace, go to settings and set the breath pace to your comfortable level. Also you can set practice timer for your practice session.
3) Use your finger to fully cover phone’s back camera lens. Make sure LED is lighting your finger from side as closer as possible. The detected heart rate should be pretty constant. If you see your heart rate changes too high or too low, you probably didn’t fully cover lens with your finger. If your finger feels too hot, you can use small plastic glass glue to back of your phone to cover your lens and LED.
4) Remember the whole purpose of the practice of deep slow breathing is to achieve coherence with your nerve system through your smooth breath with concentration. Usually it takes a couple minutes to adjust your breath to get to the calm stage. You use nose to inhale and your mouth for exhale. Close you eye and observe your breath in and out. For beginner, you can try to count number 1 to 5 as your breath in and count another 1 to 5 as you breath out. When you breath in, your belly is out and when exhale, your belly is in. Be relax and peaceful as you do your breath and make sure your eye, your face, your blood in your head and your body muscle is come down during exhale. When your mind are draft away from your breath observation, just pull your mind back. This is normal.  No worry about anything happens around you inside body or outside just observe your breath in and out. Think about your breath in like you suck your drink from straws and you can control the rate as smooth as possible. Same thing for your exhale.
5) The suggested practice time is two, fifteen minutes session a day to achieve around 200 points. The ideal breath pace is from 5 to 6 breath per minutes to achieve coherence. If you follow the recommended practice time, you should feel and see results after six weeks of practice. Use your breath practice in your daily live. To calculate your coherence rate, Score/(practice time * breath pace*2).  Say you got 120 points for your 15 minutes practice with 5 breath/minutes.  Your coherence rate is 126/(15*5*2) = 84%. This is really very good score. After you practice while, you probably don’t care about score anymore as long as you feel you are relaxed.

6) This is not medical device. You needs consult your doctor to change dose or stop your medication if you see your high blood pressure dropping.

7) Biofeedback can enhance awareness of your body by providing objective feedback of changes you may not otherwise be aware of .

8) Biofeedback flag your distractions as your are practice.


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